Gypsy and Bianca bond over a drink at Angelo’s. A random man buys the girls drinks and assumes he’s in with a chance, but Gypsy brushes him off. After Bianca leaves to check on Irene, Gypsy gets talking to Liam and sparks fly. On her way home, the strange man from Angelo’s corners Bianca but Heath comes to the rescue. Bianca and Heath get home and share a moment on the doorstep… just as Gypsy arrives and clocks their chemistry.

Gina talks to the engineers at the wrecked school, who reveal they won’t be able to hold classes there because the entire place has been deemed unsafe. The HSC students fear this will adversely affect their exams, but Elijah comes to the rescue, offering the use of the Church Hall as a temporary classroom. Gina calls a meeting between teachers and students, but is interrupted by grim news from the department of education. They’re closing Summer Bay High!

Brax discovers Casey was responsible for the fire and is furious. Brax collects all the evidence and burns it. Charlie questions Casey about his whereabouts during the funeral and Casey starts to crack under the pressure. Brax makes Casey promise to return to school and finish his HSC.