Pollard has to accept that Cain won’t shift Amy’s car from outside the B&B so he asks the council to remove it. When Amy hears this she tries to do another runner, but the police turn up with a social worker. Turns out Amy is 16, a habitual liar and has run away from a very nice foster family – and Victoria was covering for her! She’s taken away – but will she stay away?

Whatever Maisie’s been sprinkling on her cornflakes while she was away, she should bottle it and put it on the market – she’d make a fortune. No longer the pathetic Maisie who could barely dress herself without Mummy’s help, she has returned to the village determined to see her brother Nathan convicted for Mark’s murder. That’s good news for Ryan, but it’s very bad news for Cain. Because Maisie tells Cain that he’s going to help her free Ryan and she’s not taking ‘no’ for an answer. Now things are going to get very exciting…

The worst news to hit the village comes from the hospital where, after a glimmer of hope, the doctor delivers a terrible prognosis for a victim of the train crash.

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