Who’s got Wellard?

Gus is determined to get Wellard back from his dognapper and he makes up leaflets asking for the dog’s safe return. Meanwhile, a lonely Wellard is abandoned in a shed at the allotments. The dogknapper reveals himself – it’s Jay!

Abi is terrified after Ben’s revelations about Stella and she worries that she’ll be in line for harsh treatment if Tanya is doing a ‘Stella’ on Lauren. The young friends decide to run away – with the guinea pigs – but Marge One seems ill so they drop into the vet’s. The vet calls their parents and Ben faces Stella’s wrath, while Tanya has a birds-and-bees chat with Abi after finding out that Marge One is pregnant. Abi realises what’s really up with Lauren and she tells Ben that what Stella is doing to him is wrong.

Denise grovels to Mrs Masood and her boss accepts the apology but insists that if she wants a promotion she’ll have to apply like everyone else. Mrs Masood makes the most of the situation by bringing her daughter Shabnam into the Post Office. Denise is forced to reluctantly agree when Mrs Masood asks her to train her up.

Also, Yolande has given herself a makeover.

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