Who’s helping Johnny?

Jack spots Johnny and shoots him – but when Jack reaches the spot where he saw Johnny fall, Johnny’s not there. As the search continues, and injured Johnny makes a phone call to someone, blackmailing them to help him out. Sure enough, Johnny receives refuge and aid from the mysterious helper. He tells them that if they don’t continue to help him, he’ll expose their dirty secret past and destroy their life.

Everyone is relieved when Sally wakes up from her coma. After her ethereal experience with Tom, Sally feels compelled to help the troubled people that Tom showed her. Wanting to pass on Tom’s message to Pippa, Sally confides in her about her experience and says that Tom wants her to know how much he still loves her.

Cassie starts feeling more positive when an HIV specialist in the city reassures her that with correct monitoring and treatment, she’ll be able to live a normal life. Meanwhile, worried that Johnny Cooper is still at large, Ric convinces Cassie that they should stay in the city for a while.

Also, as her faith continues to plummet, a confused Annie steals a bottle of scotch from the Surf Club delivery man and drinks it down on the beach.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday March 28*