Who’s hit Warren?

Warren doesn’t waste any time in reverting back to his usual self after his release from jail, making dark threats to Clare and winding up Russell and Calvin. Clare is petrified when Warren warns her that her attacker is still on the loose and will get her in the end.

Later, at The Dog, delicate Calvin and Russell are furious when Warren taunts them that they’re losers and Calvin has to be restrained from hitting him. But Russ has no such control, and ends up decking Warren, leaving him dazed, with a bloody nose.

Meanwhile, there are tears at the McQueens with Mercedes desolate after being dumped by Russ for bedding Warren, and Jacqui having finished with Tony after a spat spiralled out of control.

Fearful of losing Katy if she opts to go to a university down south, Warren suggests to Justin that he’s willing to make amends if it means not losing Katy. Katy is surprised but relieved that the lads seem to have called a truce and suggests taking a law course at Hollyoaks Community College.

Determined to get Fletch to herself, Sasha wastes no time in telling him that Michaela is not his type. However, everything is ruined when arch-rival Michaela turns up to resume her pursuit of Fletch.