Jas finds a cheesy love poem on her car windscreen and shows Zara, mentioning she’s also already received a rose. Meanwhile, faced with a babysitting problem, Zara is affronted when Daniel points out people don’t help her because she’s so rude to everyone. But when she finds herself meanly teasing Jas about her unwanted fan, Zara starts to realise he might be right. 

Zara mentions Jas’s poem to Daniel who’s convinced it’s come from Kevin – he had himself noticed the fun relationship they have earlier that day as they played snog/marry/avoid. While Daniel has a word with Kevin about grabbing the bull by the horns, Zara seeks out Jas to make amends and let her know that Kevin is her secret admirer – but Jas doesn’t take it well believing it’s the end of their friendship, a complete disaster!

Also, Heston grows attached to his new Echocardiogram machine and Mandy meets a neurotic father-to-be who is about to be confronted by his worst nightmare.