Who’s looking for Donna?

Declan sees Sophie chatting to a good looking man and warns her not to talk to strangers. But when they see the same man hanging around the Ramsay house Ringo is instantly suspicious. The man claims that he is thinking about moving into the area, but when Ringo and Declan catch him yet again with Sophie outside Harold’s house they run to her defence. The man promises he doesn’t mean anyone any harm. He is looking for Donna Freedman as he thinks they could be related…

When Harry helps Karl convince Zeke to go back to the river and face his fears, he finds himself invited along for the trip as well. But when Zeke finds out that Harry was the person who alerted Karl to his anxiety he attacks Harry and races off into the bush. Zeke wants to face his fears so he can go back to a normal life, but can he go back into the water?

Ben and Callum bicker over sharing their toys, so Dan and Lucas make them spend an afternoon in their empty room with only each other for company.