Who’s missing from the Blaxland boat?

Hours after Brad’s proposal, a distressed Sally, Leah, Irene and Martha are in the Surf Club. Sally reveals she told Brad he’d been demoted, while she has been promoted to take over his role as Principal. Brad took the news well before pulling out a ring box and proposing. Flustered Sally turned him down, not ready for such a big step. Brad was shattered, having arranged a celebration with their friends including Pippa, at the Surf Club, followed by a party cruise on the Blaxland boat.

At the boat wharf, Alf and Dan and Ric arrive to find Jack with a distressed Brad. The lads suggest they go out on the boat with the booze and food for the party, and Brad reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, Martha decides she wants to save her marriage to Jack, but arrives at the wharf, only to see the Blaxland chugging away across the water.

Later, Sally, Leah, Martha and Pippa are horrified to learn that a mayday call has come in from the Blaxland. Martha tears up her divorce papers when she learns the rescue helicopter has found the boat. But the ladies fear the worst when the rescue crew report they have only found four out of the five men on the boat. Which man is missing?

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