Who’s playing with Ian’s mind?

Kevin worries about whether he should tell Denise that he knew about the CCTV tape but he’s afraid of jeopardising his marriage by admitting to keeping a secret. Denise confronts Chelsea about her lies and they end up in a furious row. Chelsea is fed up with covering for Kevin and it looks like Denise could find out about his involvement after all when Chelsea blurts out the truth.

Ian is determined to get the family back on track and he decides to book a holiday but he’s disturbed when a mysterious wreath is delivered to the cafe. Ian accuses a nonplussed Phil, but Ian is later plagued by more pranks when he receives an anonymous death threat. Meanwhile, Lucy packs Craig’s gun and plots to run away but she’s interrupted by a shocked Peter.

Phil is still boozing heavily and he wants to see Ben but Peggy gives Phil an ultimatum. She offers him a drink and challenges him to choose the drink or Ben. Phil downs the drink in one and Peggy is disappointed.

Also, Sean walks free from prison and is out for vengeance.

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