Who’s pregnant: Donna, Rachel or Bridget?

Donna, Rachel and Bridget have to re-take the pregnancy tests they took the night before after they get mixed up and don’t know who the positive one belongs to. When they find some time alone in Donna’s bedroom, they each do another pregnancy test, only to find their initial concerns were correct, one of them is actually pregnant. Elle, suspicious that something is going on, finds the girls crying over a positive test result and demands to know which one of them is pregnant. But their lips are sealed…

Declan and Ringo find out that Donna and Bridget followed them to AFL training when Donna explodes at Ringo for playing up to a bunch of football groupies instead of looking after their baby! The boys think it’s hilarious that their girlfriends have turned into stalkers. But on the field, the boys are under strain as they try to cover up Ringo’s health problem, which could cost them a football career.

Ben is upset and angry to learn Libby and Dan’s wedding is off. Ben’s acting out enlightens Dan to the far-reaching emotional toll his actions are having on all their lives, but he feels he has no option but to race his brother. Can Libby accept this?

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