Who’s stolen Stitch’s winnings?

Nadia heads for Stitch’s office to find out why he hasn’t returned her messages and catches him gambling online. Maggie then walks in on Stitch seducing student doctor Annette and reprimands him. When car crash victim, Gabe, arrests, Nadia goes to inform Stitch and finds him still with Annette.

Selena realises that Gabe arrested because he’s allergic to penicillin and when she learns that Stitch knew about this, lectures him about his negligence. Stitch returns to his office to find that his online winnings have vanished and wastes no time in suspecting the staff…

Elsewhere, Tess tells Abs she can’t make the dance competition as she’s working a double shift – and she doesn’t seem at all happy when Abs says Charlie can cover. Tess then admits to Abs that she thinks she’s too old to compete.

Later, despite being all dressed up and ready to go, Tess tells Abs she can’t dance in front of strangers. As the pair dance in Abs’ office, Kelsey gathers all the staff to watch. There’s rapturous applause as they finish dancing and Tess realises she had an audience after all.

Also, a tense atmosphere remains between Cyd and Dixie after Dixie’s declaration of love; and Josh and Maggie agree that they just want to be friends.