Ruby, April and Xavier need a lift to the Car Show to sell Xavier’s V8. They are forced to ask Heath, because Xavier hasn’t passed his test. At the show, Summer Bay High student Jonathan asks April to the Formal. Knowing what April intends to do after the Formal, Ruby tells her that her first time should be with someone special. April cancels her date with Jonathan… and asks Xavier to the Formal instead!

Liam learns that his bike is a complete write-off. Bianca offers to lend him money to buy a new car, on the condition that it’s actually a car, and not a motorbike. At the Car Show, Bianca suggests Liam gets a family car, which freaks him out. Heath gives him a hard time about it and Liam has an identity crisis. He decides he’s not ready to be the family guy, and wants to stick with his rock ‘n’ roll persona. Liam buys another motorbike, much to Bianca’s dismay.

Marilyn, Roo, and Colleen organise a special ladies’ day for Irene. Irene asks Marilyn for a Tarot reading. Though Marilyn tries to put a positive spin on what the cards say, it becomes clear that they’re predicting someone dying. Irene is convinced it’s her.