Jack has an interview with a potential nanny, Ingrid, but feels provoked when she turns up too early for the appointment. Despite things getting off on the wrong foot, Ingrid soon proves that she’s great with the kids, prompting Jack to offer her a trial.

It’s Kush’s birthday and he is chuffed to spend the day with Arthur. However, things take a turn for the worse when there’s an incident between Denise and Keegan in the park. Keegan is soon threatening to call the police, prompting Kush and Denise to attempt to reason with him. Later Kush is grateful when Denise leaves a birthday present for him, but he gets a nasty shock after the police turn up to talk to him.

Billy unveils the new sign for Coker & Mitchell’s but, in typical Billy-style, things don’t quite go how he’d planned! Later, Pam gives Billy a pep talk, reminding him he’s been brilliant in the job.

Also, Michelle gets a date with the nose-bleed man from the train, Tom! But is he all he seems?