Ronnie still hasn’t approached the young girl’s father despite making promises to the girl. Ronnie takes the girl to the Vic and sees Max, Jack, Billy and Phil, but she decides not to let the father see his daughter. Ronnie calls up social services to get the child and takes a last look at the girl’s photo. It’s a picture of Phil and his ex-Lisa with the little girl, their daughter Louise…

Jean takes some ideas for the Square gardens’ fountain round to Denise. The ladies are keen to get on with their project, but Lucas stalls them. Lucas realises that he needs to take drastic action and he sneaks out in the dead of night to vandalise the residents’ good work on the gardens.

Shirley thinks that Phil is giving her the cold shoulder. Ben leaves Phil’s bag of shopping in Shirley’s flat and Shirley sneaks a peek and finds a diamond ring. Heather thinks Phil is going to propose. Ben collects the missing bag and Shirley promises him that she didn’t look.

Also, Billie wins the fun run and Phil tells him he’s out of a job; Ian and Jane give up on the idea of home-schooling Lucy; Carol reluctantly gets a job with Ian.

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