Who’s the daddy?

Sam is still in labour. She blurts out she’s not sure whether Ricky is the father and begs Ricky to get her mum. Ricky tells Peggy that Sam needs her. Pat and Janine overhear and Janine tells Bianca that Ricky is with Sam. Ronnie, Jack and Bianca turn up at the hospital as Sam gives birth to a baby boy. Potential dads Ricky and Jack both hold the baby. Sam shocks everyone by announcing she’s having the baby adopted.

Minty is still at the hospital with Sam. Heather calls and he lies to that the screams from the delivery ward are kids mucking about. Minty realises he has no business being with Sam and heads home. Minty confesses the truth to Heather, but says he didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to hurt her. Minty promises Heather that he’ll never lie to her again.

Pat hasn’t been sent a wedding invitation to Janine’s wedding. Janine reveals Whitney and Ricky are the only guests, as she doesn’t want anyone ruining her happiness. Pat hides her hurt and offers to help Janine prepare for the wedding. Janine is grateful when Pat helps alter her wedding dress. Janine invites Pat to the wedding.

Also, Billy and Jay find Phil.

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