Who’s the daddy?

Jack reassures Ronnie that whatever the result of the paternity test it won’t affect their relationship. Meanwhile, Bianca feels threatened by Sam. She calls the hospital for the paternity results and announces that Ricky is Richard’s father. Bianca is gutted. A relieved Ronnie then tells Jack she’s having his baby. Bianca is suspicious of Sam and she pretends to be Sam and calls the hospital. Bianca gathers everyone and reveals that Sam lied, the baby is Jack’s. Sam blurts out it wasn’t her idea to lie, it was Ronnie’s…

Shirley tells Heather she needs to be strong with Sam and kick her out of the house. Heather bottles confronting Sam, but on a second attempt she manages to explain her terms. Sam assures Heather she’s not interested in Minty and Heather is relieved.

Charlie is worried that Stacey isn’t taking her medication. Stacey is more concerned that social services are going to take Lily. Dot lets slip to Charlie that Lily is not Bradley’s baby. Charlie confronts Stacey about why he wasn’t told. Stacey calms Charlie down by revealing that she’s back on her medication.

Also, Ronnie tells Glenda she’s willing to give her another chance and invites her to her wedding.

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