In an extra episode this week, Billy asks Pat to talk to Lola about the baby. Lola is angry when Pat suggests she think about an abortion. An anxious Ben wants to know if the baby is his, but Lola bluntly denies it and Jay later tries to get Lola to ‘fess up the name of the dad. Meanwhile, Abi worries that Jay’s the father and thinks her fears have been confirmed when she sees Jay talking to Lola.

Lauren has been out all night and wakes in a stranger’s bed. A hungover Lauren grabs her stuff and heads home. Back in Albert Square, when Lauren discovers Tanya is out she assumes Tanya’s at the hospital and races over there. Lauren is stunned to discover when she arrives that Tanya hasn’t been to her appointments for weeks.

Tanya panics when she realises Lauren didn’t come home last night. Cora and Rainie head out to search for Lauren. Tanya fears the worst when a police car pulls up, but it’s Abi – she’s been arrested for stealing. Cora finds Lola’s positive pregnancy test in Abi’s bag and is horrified. The family are in uproar when a familiar voice yells at them to shut up – it’s Max!