Who’s the daddy?

Heather tells Shirley that she’ll have to leave Walford, as she doesn’t think George’s father wants to know him. Phil arrives at the hospital… and hands Shirley her money. Minty rushes to the hospital… to pick up Adam from a neurology appointment. Billy arrives at the hospital… to thank Heather for offering him and Jay a room at hers. Just as Heather thinks that George’s dad will never turn up the door opens… and Heather introduces Darren to his son!

Denise is furious about Libby’s surprise engagement. Owen tries to slip out of the pub unnoticed, but Denise spots him and storms out in disbelief. Denise returns home and drops the bombshell that Owen is back. Libby follows Denise home and snatches the phone away from her mum when Denise threatens to call the police.

Tamwar makes an embarrassing attempt to chat up a girl in the Vic. Lucy guesses that Tamwar has a crush on Amira and decides to have some fun by spiking Tamwar’s soft drink with booze. Tamwar gets tipsy and tries to kiss a horrified Amira, who slaps him. Syed takes a drunk Tamwar for coffee to try to sober him up.

Also, Syed gets an anonymous letter containing a photo of him and Christian.