Steph and Jake get hold of a paternity test, but are rumbled by a furious Frankie who urges her son to think of the consequences if they discover that Justin is Charlie’s true dad. Jake almost has to put his plan on hold when Becca can’t offer her consent, but Steph convinces him they’ve got to take matters into their own hands to discover the truth.

While a bewildered Zoe searches for her mobile phone, Rhys is thrilled to get some raunchy texts from her, but later gets more than he bargained for when he’s bombarded with disturbing messages. But it seems that they might not be from Zoe…

Will decides if he can’t have Zoe, no one can and informs Rhys that she’s too difficult to handle. Unsurprisingly, Zoe’s baffled, and hurt when Rhys tells her to back off.

After spotting Mercedes flirt with Warren, Russ confronts his girlfriend and accuses her of cheating on him, leading the pair to row furiously. Later, Carmel and Mercedes indulge in a spot of man bashing before Warren arrives and offers Mercedes a shoulder to cry on. One thing leads to another as Warren successfully manages to take Mercedes’ mind off Russ.

Also, Louise and Calvin’s romantic night in is interrupted by Warren, who turns up at Louise’s insisting he’s moving in.