Val gives Amy her best bedside attention and is ashamed when she hears that Amy thought she’d kick her out for being pregnant. But she still wants to know who the daddy is. Poor David is her best guess, but Amy’s quick to tell Val and Pollard it’s not him. She says the baby’s the result of a drunken one-night stand, but how long does she think that story will hold water when Cain finds out she’s given birth? And he will find out…

Everyone in the village is asking questions about the abandoned baby, but Belle knows everything – and tells Zak. First she reveals that Amy’s the mother and, after talking with Lisa, she admits that the baby’s father is Cain. Zak’s got a new grandson! And he’s not happy when he hears that Cain has been threatening Amy with all sorts of evil.

There’s more evidence of Cain’s dirty work in the village as Moira pitches up outside the pub with her bags packed. She’s moved out of home and tells Marlon how stupid she has been with Cain. He offers her a roof over her head but Cain, who’s watching, offers nothing.