Who’s the fire starter?

As Laurel lies in hospital, the church fire is investigated. Much to Ashley and Doug’s relief she wakes up, but what she says doesn’t make sense… Laurel insists she couldn’t get out of the church because the door was locked but Ashley says the door was unlocked and that’s how he got in. Laurel’s confused until she hears that Sally was first on the scene. Suddenly, pieces start to fall into place and Laurel has the distinct feeling that there’s something very wrong with Sally. Will she live to prove it?

Leyla’s devastated when she hears that David is already dating again. He’s accepted Priya’s offer to go out for a drink but they don’t go very far – just to The Woolpack. Leyla’s there with Gennie and David finds it difficult to focus on Priya. Is he really ready to move on? Or does he want to go back to where he was with Leyla?

Terry would love to have the B&B back to the way it was before Val and Pollard became his partners. Knowing that won’t happen and unable to tolerate their laziness, he storms out. But has he gone for good?

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