A mysterious intruder is discovered in the garage and is then seen running out of Charlie’s. Concerned Lucas rallies the Neighbourhood Watch troops and all the boys get their muscles out to pounce on the culprit. It isn’t long before they spring the same intruder loitering around Ramsay Street. Who is the mystery arrival?

Paul is dismayed when he finds out that the Erinsborough News circulation is down. Concerned his advertisers might panic, Paul looks to use Lassiters to prop up the company but Declan presents him with a review of the business that proves the hotel also needs a cash injection. Paul realises that he needs money fast and announces he’s going to buy PirateNet to put the profit from the radio station back into his empire. 

When Paul finds himself at a major stumbling block, he realises that he needs Rebecca’s help to move forward. As Paul already owns a media outlet, he needs to appoint Rebecca as CEO. But is Paul getting in over his head?  And will he take Rebecca down with him? 

Declan gives Zeke a pep-talk, reassuring him that the downfall of PirateNet is not his fault. However, Zeke doesn’t see it that way.

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