Crank calls to the house continue and Mark is worried when he gets a text message saying ‘we’re watching you’ from a blocked number. When Mark and Kyle return home, they’ve been burgled and a warning has been written on the back door saying ‘rats don’t live.’ Mark knows this is a result of the corruption case. Mark speaks to his boss, but he isn’t very supportive, telling Mark to tread carefully. Later, Mark meets his boss in Charlie’s and is shocked when he tells Mark to go into witness protection.

It’s the morning after the night before and Kyle makes sure things aren’t awkward with him and Jade following their kiss, reminding her he doesn’t fancy her. Jade goes along with it, making out she doesn’t care.

Harold and Carolyn are getting ready to leave Erinsborough, when Callum asks one last favour. He wants Sonya to move back in and says he needs Harold’s help. Reluctantly, Harold agrees and has a word with Toadie while Lucas and Carolyn work on Sonya. Both think they should wait a bit longer but with some gentle persuasion, Sonya moves back in. And as Harold’s work is done, he and Carolyn leave the street.

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