Who’s to blame for Tyrone’s terrible fall?

As Tyrone lies trapped under fallen debris he regains consciousness and calls for help. Returning to the house Jason phones an ambulance and Tyrone’s rushed to hospital while Todd and Gary survey the damage at No 9. Gary angrily points the finger at Todd, blaming him for the accident by using sub-standard boards. Tony’s alarmed as he realises Jason could be in real trouble!

As Kylie tries to get Max under control Gail rushes in and announces that Lily has taken her first steps. Kylie’s gutted she missed it. As Max’s disruptive behaviour continues the party comes to a close. Upset, Kylie blames herself for his display.

Michelle assures Steve that he has her blessing and should visit Peter in prison. Later Dean, landlord of the Flying Horse, comes into the Rovers and brags to Steve about how good business is. When Steve then suggests they could hammer his pub team at cricket, Dean tells him to prove it. Dean and Steve shake hands on a match and Steve then sets about hastily putting a team together.

Also, Luke and Katy’s night out is put on hold when they race to help Jason lift Tyrone to safety.