*Second episode*

With the barn full of toxic fumes, Finn is found unconscious by Pete and Finn. After dragging him out, Cain and Pete are unable to rouse him so they get him to hospital ASAP. When the other Bartons hear what’s happened they rush to the hospital to be at Finn’s side. The family is told by a doctor that Finn is in a critical condition as he receives treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning. At first, the Bartons think that Finn has tried to kill himself but when Cain points out that he was in a stranger’s car, they soon realise that the mysterious man he was with in the pub has tried to murder him…

Kerry’s determined to win back Dan, but when she tries to resolve things she’s left feeling distraught when he tells her that she needs to grow up. So taking him at his word, Kerry sets out to prove that she’s got what it takes to be a mature and sensible woman by borrowing some clothes from the mature and sensible Brenda! What will she look like when she swaps the chunky heels, low-cut tops and miniskirts for a cardigan and a long skirt?

Meanwhile, Harriet makes another attempt to tell Ashley how she feels but is once again scuppered, and Tracy continues to enjoy getting everything she can from Sam.