Who’s voted for Jas to be top doc?

At the Campus, Jas is perturbed when Al congratulates her for her nomination for the Patient’s Doc Award – a prestigious regional award usually reserved for super-doc war hero types! And when Karen asks her why she was nominated, Jas really can’t answer. Later that afternoon, Howard arrives with bad news – her entry has been disqualified over irregularities in the online voting – she has been accused of vote rigging and he’d like to know if she knows anything about it?! Jas is shocked and tearful, she can only guess it was her parents, but she thinks it’s unlikely. She apologises and is left confused.

Meanwhile, Karen’s had a wonderful weekend with Rob and delights in telling Al all of the spoilers for a film he wants to see – he counters that he also had a romantic weekend with new girlfriend Jackie and he’s taking her out again tonight with surprise tickets for her favourite band.

Later, Al tells Karen he’s lost interest in the film and that he’s got an evening of pizza, ice cream, a book and bed planned for this evening anyway. Karen’s surprised – what about his plans with Jackie? Al thinks quick – she’s saved his bacon – he’ll call Jackie now. Al leaves, knowing he got away with it – just!

Also, a young nurse finds herself in a pickle and turns to Jimmi for help, while he has a decision of his own to make.