Who’s watching Cherry?

The Hollins family convince an anxious Imogen that she’ll have done well in her exams but, when the results arrive, she gets a C and two Ds which makes her cry and run off upstairs. At the Mill, Imogen nearly gives out Cherry’s home address to a caller and Lauren snaps – is she stupid? Imogen runs off in tears.

Heston finds her later and tells her that she shouldn’t lower her expectations, there’s always next year. Later, back at home the family apologise to Imogen, but she’s strong – she’ll work all year at The Mill and resit her exams next year. Proud of her, they go out for dinner to celebrate.

At home, Cherry gets a phone call which cuts off dead. At first, she thinks nothing of it, but later, when Lauren tells Cherry about Imogen nearly giving out her address and Cherry is slightly unnerved.

When she gets home at the end of the day, someone is watching her from across the street. Inside she relaxes on the sofa and talks to Jimmi on the phone as, unnoticed, a man looks through the window at her: it’s Jack Harcourt!

Also, Daniel helps a man, who’s been deceiving his fiance, to confront his traumatic past. But is he doing the right thing?