Miles watches Sally on the beach, before writing ‘Milco’ in the sand. He hides as puzzled Sally sees the word. Meanwhile, Miles remembers being eight years old, searching for the Fletchers with his dad. He recalls arriving at Summer Bay, and his dad deciding Sally should stay where she is, and leaving before Miles can see his twin sister.

Miles wipes away the word in the sand and Sally returns with Cassie to find it gone, leaving Cassie worried that Sally is on the verge of a breakdown. That night, Miles watches Ric’s birthday party from outside, but bumps into Irene. Sally comes to see what the commotion is about and meets her brother for the first time.

Bound and gagged, Rachel is forced to listen to her captor, Reverend Hall, explain that he’s angry at Rachel for taking the life of her unborn child. She tells him it was a miscarriage, but he won’t believe her. He insists there is only one punishment for her crime – a life for a life.

But as Reverend Hall works himself into a fury, he ends up having a fit and Rachel kicks him in an attempt to escape. She calls Tony who gets an ambulance and Reverend Hall is taken to hospital.

*Shown on RTE One, Tuesday March 4*