It’s the morning after the night of the terrible accident and the village is stunned by the terrible news. Chas is desperate for Aaron to be OK and Hazel wants her Jackson back by her side. Then there’s Marlon and Paddy. Who will Rhona be more concerned about? The man she says she loves – Marlon – or the man she secretly wants – Paddy? A lot of hands will need to be held in the next few weeks.

Diane could do with someone to hold her hand now and Doug steps up to mark. He can be a great big fool sometimes, but he also has a great big heart and he hates to see her so worried. Diane’s drowning in debt and needs money and he has some saved up for a rainy day, so he tells Ashley he’s going to throw Diane a lifeline.

There’s no such good news for Faye. Prison Officer Abi pays Faye a visit and is seen by nasty Nathan. All the money spent on his private education wasn’t completely wasted as he puts two and two together and realises Abi is helping Ryan. He tricks Faye into giving him Abi’s name and then he gets that evil look in his eye. Uh-oh.

*Second episode*

As one man’s life hangs in the balance, someone is going to need a shoulder to cry on at the hospital. Jackson was being a good bloke, offering to drive Aaron, Paddy and Marlon for a night out. Now one of them may never have another night out. Tensions rise and tears fall as Chas, Hazel, Rhona and the rest of the older villagers come to terms with what has happened.

The younger residents of Emmerdale are less affected by the tragedy and want life to go on as normal – especially as Victoria is having a party at Dale View. Hannah goes with Isaac, who has his head turned by another girl. Desperate not to lose her first boyfriend, Hannah takes Isaac into a bedroom and they have sex. But he has an accident with the condom and Hannah panics and runs off. Could the Barton family Christmas be ruined by the words: ‘Mum, Dad, I’m pregnant’?

Diane’s on the verge of a breakdown and, with no buyer for The Woolpack on the horizon, she accepts Doug’s offer of a loan. That buys her some peace of mind, but happiness is a long way away.

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