Whose side is Elijah on?

Miles has been trying to meet up with Elijah but it keeps falling through. He starts to think Elijah has taken Leah’s side in the break-up, and voices his concerns to Marilyn. Later, Marilyn tells Elijah he should try and avoid Leah because of his feelings for her. Miles overhears this conversation, and realises Elijah’s is still in love with his ex.

Dex is worried about his first day working at the hospital, but it soon becomes obvious that he’s a natural with patients. Then, he bumps into Dallas, the girl he kissed. Her son is ill and Dex sees a completely different side to her – she’s no longer the crazy party girl but a hard-working single mum.

Sasha, bruised and sore after her incident with Stu, leaves work at the Diner without saying anything about her ordeal. When she gets into trouble with Sid later, she reveals that Stu is obsessed with her and that she’s scared. Later, Sid sees Stu and tells him in no uncertain terms to stay away from Sasha.

Alf, meanwhile, is conducting meetings with members of the community. What do they need from the Council, and is Alf the right man to be running for councillor?