Whose side is Sienna on?

Dr S’Avage visits Sienna so she can hear his side of the secret that Mariam told her. Dr S’Avage manages to win over Sienna, but then Mariam persuades her to turn on him. Sienna and Mariam track down Dr S’Avage at the hospital armed with the evidence of his big secret, but instead of following Mariam’s plan, Sienna hands Dr S’Avage the evidence – she was on his side all along.

Later, Mariam poses as hospital staff to gain access to Dr S’Avage’s records. She’s suspicious about what she finds and comes to the conclusion that he’s a murderer – is he the Gloved Hand?

Meanwhile, Porsche tells Lockie she needs cash urgently, so Lockie tells Diane he wants to book them a holiday, but it’s a plan to get more money out of her. Lockie’s thwarted, though, when Diane books the holiday herself instead of giving him the money.

Also, Holly passes her driving test, and Cindy’s credit card gets declined at The Dog.