Why has Scarlett got abortion advice?

Scarlett gives Daz the compilation CD and Victoria turns up with Penny when he listens to it. Victoria tells Penny that Scarlett gave him the CD and Penny confronts Scarlett about trying to steal her man! Scarlett is mortified when Penny and Victoria laugh at her musical tastes, but Daz sees and has a go at them for bullying Scarlett. Later, Carrie finds a leaflet from the abortion clinic in Scarlett’s pocket and horrified, thinks that she must have gone for an abortion!

Grayson is hurt when Perdy refuses to see him and he sends Paul to check on her. Gray is wracked with guilt when Paul tells him that Perdy still blames Gray and Rosemary for setting her up. Paul hugs a tearful Gray, just as Jonny walks in on them. Jonny feels sidelined by Paul’s bond with Gray.

Viv offers Sam some childrearing advice and she’s flushed with success when Sam tells her that her tips worked a treat. Viv plans to take the childcare world by storm and tells Emily that she’s going to set up her own session at the playgroup.

Also, Jamie’s nervous about the competition when Pearl gets an interview for the postie’s job.