Toadie has to explain to an excited Callum that he and Sonya aren’t getting married, and that they already have a solid relationship without getting married. Sonya agrees but is clearly upset. Later, Toadie confides in Karl about the marriage dilemma who points out that he doesn’t have the best history with marriage and wonders if that’s why he’s reluctant.

Desperate to get his dad to agree to getting married to Sonya, Callum arranges a DVD night with all wedding-related DVDs! Toadie sees straight through it. Having had enough, Toadie explains that he is scared of getting married and things going wrong like they did with Dee and Steph.

Chris is thinking about his future, and isn’t keen on going to uni but knows his dad has high expectations. He’s jealous of Andrew for having a dad who isn’t that involved in his life and for having the option of working at Lassiters over going to uni.

With mechanics being the thing that Chris enjoyed the most at school, he asks Lucas if he can do work experience. He reluctantly agrees but isn’t keen on having him there. Throughout the day, Lucas receives calls from his dad, but he ignores them, having fallen out with him. But he soon regrets it when Paul has to break the news to him that his dad’s had a heart attack and passed away.

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