Patrick has stayed the night at Nancy and Darren’s. Maxine spots him leaving the pub – she talks to Nancy and is shocked to hear what Patrick’s been saying. Patrick tries to make it up to Maxine by booking a holiday to Naples. As they are getting in the taxi, Nancy spots them and, under pressure from Patrick, Maxine backs up his lie to her former friend.

Dirk arrives at Sheila’s but Holly and Jason have already left. He calls them, but Holly says she’s never coming back. Meanwhile, Hilton’s operation is a huge success.

Elsewhere, Phoebe tries to win back Robbie’s friendship and the pair continue to get closer. She helps him out at the garage and the teens kiss.

Sonny comforts a devastated Sinead and tells her he found God when Calvin died, but Carmel gets the wrong end of the stick when she sees Sonny’s hand on Sinead’s. Carmel finally realises that she wants Sonny and goes to The Dog to tell him she loves him.