Will a bully force Aaron back into the closet?

Aaron discovers that even lowlife bullies read newspapers… He’s got just such a creature called Wayne doing community service alongside him and Wayne enjoys telling Aaron he knows he’s gay. Aaron desperately tries to dive back into the closet he’s just come out of but Wayne won’t let him. He has some fun at Aaron’s expense while they’re fencing around a lake and shoves Aaron into the water. Has Wayne pushed Aaron too far?

Talking of taking things too far… It seems Viv was just getting warmed up when he had Nicola hauled off to court on a assault charge. Bob feels the full force of her wrath when he discovers she’s told the playgroup he’s to have no contact with Cathy and Hope. That’s a low blow and it hurts Bob, who tells Viv she can’t keep him from the twins.

Declan continues to be one male in Emmerdale who’s enjoying himself, even when he fails to get council permission for his development plans. He’s disappointed but he tells Natasha he will get his own way in the end – and she’s impressed by his confidence. Nathan, on the other hand, is very irritated – and that’s a bonus for Declan!

*Second episode, 8pm*

Wayne’s world of bullying has humiliated Aaron but he doesn’t retaliate. He sucks it up and tells their community service supervisor his fall into the lake was an accident. Wayne thinks he has the upper hand but he should watch his back…

Back in Emmerdale, Aaron agrees to a night out with Adam in a gay pub and he’s enjoying himself until he sees Jackson. Aaron fights the urge to flee and tries to apologise for thumping him. Jackson’s not in a forgiving mood, though and,later, Aaron’s hurt when he sees Jackson kissing another bloke. Is there any way back to the good times for the two of them?

Charlie tells Diane that they can have plenty of good times in the future – if she goes to France with him. Mon Dieu! Sacre bleu! Will Diane say ‘adieu’ to Emmerdale? Charlie makes it clear that he can’t stay in the village for ever but will Diane leave without him? Not if Doug has anything to do with it…

Charlie’s not the only man chasing a woman. Declan and Nikhil take the Wylde women on dates:

Natasha goes to a business function with Declan and Maisie has fun with Nikhil. Natasha’s not too happy to find Nathan waiting up for her, though.

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