Will a chance encounter lead Libby to love?

While taking Ben to dancing lessons, Libby is furious when a man steals her parking spot in the car park. Funnily enough, he’s extremely good-looking and more than a little bit arrogant. When she tries to pull him up for his awful behaviour, he quickly outwits her. Later on, she bumps into the tall, dark, handsome stranger in Harold’s store. Yet again she tries to out-smart him, but fails miserably. Has Libby found a new feisty man?

Having walked away from Nick, Donna bumps into him at the hospital. He asks for an explanation as to why she suddenly left her job, and Donna goes about accusing him of doing all sorts with a woman who wasn’t his wife. However, Donna soon learns not only the truth, but also the hard lesson of needing to get her facts straight before she goes around insulting people she barely knows.

Kate and Declan want some alone time, but find out that it’s not easy when your homes are open to the whole neighbourhood. They head to Kate’s house, but an unexpected visit from Harry throws a spanner in the works. Soon after giving money to Harry to get rid of him, Summer and Andrew arrive to interrupt proceedings. Declan finally gives up and says he’ll go to the gym, while Kate slinks away to wash her hair.

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