Ben is concerned about Abi after her fall but Babe steps in, saying she’ll look after her. Despite Phil’s stubbornness, Ben tries to look after his dad until they’re interrupted by the arrival of Louise. Knowing Phil is in no state to take care of the businesses, Ben asks Ronnie for help. They’re about to broach the subject with Phil when Kathy turns up with news that Abi is in hospital. After a guilty Abi tells Ben she’s lost the baby, a heartbroken Ben is comforted by Paul. Determined to do something about Phil, when he finds him asleep on the sofa Ben picks up a pillow, ready to suffocate him…

Kush panics when he finds Nancy having a seizure in his bed. After Kush turns to Tamwar for help, an embarrassed Nancy asks Tam not to tell anyone what happened. Feeling unwelcome at The Vic, Nancy is relieved when Tamwar tells her to go the Masoods’ to rest. A worried Tamwar confronts Mick, telling him that Nancy needs her dad.

Kush is feeling sorry for himself, deciding that Arthur is better off without him. Facing up to Stacey and Martin, Kush tells them that he doesn’t want to be involved in Arthur’s life. Meanwhile, Stacey and Martin have lunch at the Vic with Kyle. With Babe and Abi out, Kyle is roped in to do the cooking. Impressed by Kyle’s skills, Ian asks him to cook at the half-marathon party.