Heath, Bianca and Harley return from their weekend getaway but Bianca still hasn’t told Heath that she’s successfully applied for a transfer. Later, Heath learns of Bianca’s transfer when he bumps into Sophie at Angelo’s. Bianca explains that she asked for the transfer back when Heath asked for a divorce, but is going to refuse the offer. Heath tells her she must put herself first and accept the transfer.

Leah learns that Sophie met Nate when she was in hospital recovering from a bad car accident. Nate later tries to work out how Leah knows about his history with Sophie. He finds out that Sophie is at the school and goes to talk to her. Nate tells her he can’t trust her but unable to ignore their chemistry, he pulls her into a passionate embrace.

Hannah takes Oscar to the gym for a session with Andy, but Andy is angry that Hannah is ignoring his desire to stay out of Oscar’s problems. He blows up at Oscar and tells him he needs to learn his lesson and move on.

Andy tells Heath that Hannah treats him as the spokesperson for ‘lost causes’. When Hannah realises that spending time with Andy helped Oscar, she goes to thank him, but is shocked when Andy dumps her.