Will Abi betray Max in court?

Jane arrives at the hospital to find that Lauren has given birth to a son. Alone with her sister, Lauren tells Abi that Max didn’t kill Lucy, pleading with her to tell the truth in court. When Abi leaves, Lauren tells Jane she’s not going to hide Bobby’s secret if Max is found guilty. After being called to the stand, Abi gives her evidence. When she realises Marcus and Max have set her up, she snaps, insisting Max confessed to her that he killed Lucy.

Roxy encourages Ronnie to meet up with Charlie to talk things through about Matthew. After Ronnie makes it clear she’s having custody of their son, Charlie tells Fatboy and Dot that he’ll play dirty if it comes to it. Finding Roxy, Charlie tells her that he chose the wrong sister, asking her to leave for France with him. Dean sees the pair talking, warning Roxy to stop talking to Charlie.

Whitney realises that Mick needs to know the truth about Lee, admitting that Lee has been finding things difficult. Worried about his son, Mick talks things through with Lee, relieved when Lee agrees to see a doctor.

Also, Phil is uncomfortable when Kathy talks about their former relationship after he admits Sharon has left him.