Lauren is hungover after her drinking session and finds it difficult to get her head round arranging Steven’s funeral. After offering to help out, Abi is unimpressed by Lauren’s choices and she snaps at her, wondering if Lauren ever really knew Steven. Will she go too far in what she says?

Kathy is upset that Ian is being so off with her and she turns to Ben for support. It’s not long before Kathy realises that Ian’s reticence to confide in her goes back to her faking her own death. After some advice from Carmel, Kathy brings together Ben and Ian, telling them that she’ll always be there for them. Finally, Ian lets out his torment and grief and cries in her arms…

Stacey anxiously heads to the hospital to find out more about Arthur. When the doctor reveals that they can’t give her any answers about Arthur’s health until he’s seen a specialist, Stacey struggles to contain her worry. Heading to the prison to see Martin, she’s about to break the news about Arthur when she realises how hard things are for him, and she keeps it to herself.

Also, Linda and Mick have a counselling session. Meanwhile, Gethin tells Bex he can’t tutor her any longer.