Abs manages to drum up support for a strike in protest at Charlie’s redundancy, but when the union won’t support him he spearheads a work-to-rule among the nurses against Tess’ wishes. Meanwhile, a young couple, Clare and Aidan, are living in a caravan. When a lorry driver crashes into the caravan, Clare is trapped.

Abs’ new regime soon starts to affect the department. When Abs refuses to go out in the RRV to attend the crash site, Ruth goes in his place. Ruth tells the paramedics not to give Clare fluids and insists they follow orders – but when Clare starts to deteriorate she’s rushed to the ED.

When Clare arrives, Zoe is more critical of Abs rather than Ruth, as he should have gone on the shout. Zoe saves Clare’s life, but the doctors no longer support Abs’ stand.

Also, Kelsey boasts to Alice about a gorgeous guy she pulled on New Year’s Eve. Then, a not-so-handsome man arrives with a minor injury…