Will Adam kill James?

*First episode*

When Adam finds out that he’s the product of James and Moira’s fling, he’s devastated to realise that his late dad, John, was really his uncle, while his uncle, James, is actually his dad! He then heads over to the Dingles, where he tricks Sam into handing over Zak’s shotgun. Meanwhile, when James tells his boys – Ross, Pete and Finn – how Moira got pregnant, they quickly realise Adam is their brother. Back at the pub, James tells Chas that his sons probably won’t speak to him ever again. But as he leaves The Woolpack, James is unaware he’s being followed by Adam, with Zak’s gun in his hand. Moments later the sound of a gunshot rings through the village… Has Adam killed James?

When Megan finds out about Leyla’s attempt to do business with Jai, she scoffs at the idea and says there’s no way he would even consider her offer. Determined to prove her worth as a businesswoman, Leyla challenges Megan to see who can make the most money in two hours…

Unaware of the Bartons’ family dramas, Donna rejects Ross to save him the heartache of getting in too deep when she knows she doesn’t have much time left. But when he later announces that he’s just find out that Adam is James’ son, she feels for him and gives him a shoulder to cry on.