Joey Collins, the girl who started on the prawn trawler at the same time as Aden, isn’t fitting in as well as Aden, who’s shocked when she tells him she thinks one of them will be fired. It has been Joey’s dream to work on a prawn trawler but she knows it’s just a job to Aden. Joey can’t compete with a golden boy like Aden so asks him to do her a favour and quit his job so she can keep hers. Will Aden sacrifice his job to help Joey?

Belle arrives for her postponed interview at the old people’s home, only to be told by resident Myrll that the council has already decided to close them down. Melody knows Myrll from church, and Belle asks Melody to return with her to persuade Myrll that it might not be too late. Melody agrees but is shocked to see her mother there, caring for her grandmother.

Christine tries to explain. She seems to have changed and calmly leaves when Miles asks her to. Melody agrees to go back with Belle and persuades Myrll to go ahead with the interview. Melody and Christine talk. Belle panics about the article and turns to her painkillers.

Also, Alf and Colleen visit Martha before her surgery and it pains them to see her so lonely. The operation goes well and Colleen gives Martha a dress that brought her good luck when she was Martha’s age. Martha is thrilled – it’s a vintage delight!

*Showing on RTE One, Friday March 6*

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