Aden is reeling at Larry’s confession that Aden’s grandfather abused Larry too. He fetches his dad whiskey and painkillers, but decides against giving Larry his medication. As his condition worsens, Larry quickly realises that he needs medical care or he could die. But Aden calmly tells his dad he fully intends to watch it happen. Has Aden found a way to be rid of his father for good?

Rachel is stressed out about her upcoming wedding to Tony and doesn’t enjoy her hen night. After heading home in the middle of Colleen’s trivia quiz, she notices the boot of the car has been tampered with. Her psychiatric patient Jimmy suddenly appears from behind, holding a present which he wants to give her…

After being pulled out of the water by Miles, Jai is in hospital recovering from being pushed off the pier by Matthew. Realising he is not as invincible as he thought, he confides in Miles and the two grow closer. Meanwhile, Annie tells Irene what really happened on the roof, prompting Irene to lift the ban on Annie and Jai seeing each other.

Also, Miles and Kirsty share a kiss.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday October 9*

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