Will Agnes choose Victor or Henri? (VIDEO)

Agnes and Victor hand in their notices and say they will leave after their forthcoming marriage. Harry secretly attempts to get Agnes to stay but despite her protests that she wants to make a go of her family business with Victor it’s clear she is anxious about the future.

Henri decides that he won’t return to Selfridge’s and will go to fight for France but later when Victor asks him if he loves Agnes, he confesses that he does. Victor has a heart-to-heart with Agnes and he tells her he can’t let her sacrifice everything and he calls off the wedding and tells her to go to Henri. Agnes and Henri finally confess their love for each other and he promises to come back to her after the war.

Frank tells Harry and Mae that they need the list that Harry gave Loxley to prove that he didn’t recommend the manufacturers. Mae finds the document and Loxley catches her but she manages to escape and gives the list to Harry who goes to House of Lords and exposes Loxley and clears his name. However, Rose visits the doctor again and she delivers Harry the devastating news that she is dying of a lung condition.

Miss Mardle tries to tell Florian that they don’t have a future and arranges an audition for him in Manchester but he is angry and confronts her in the store. Grove convinces her to fight for him and she manages to stop him from leaving.