Al and Howard make a pitch for his new invention to the eccentric Venture Capitalist and potential investor Jitin Bedi. When he has finished, JB suggests they need to go bigger and maybe give their jobs up too. If they invest the time he’ll invest too – to the tune of two million pounds!

Zara is annoyed when Emma criticises her plans to take a year off to spend more time with Joe but Niamh thinks it’s a great idea. Emma apologises to Zara and insists she’ll probably be fine; although if it were Emma, she would be bored within a week. As Emma heads off, Zara starts having doubts.

Lecturer Iain heads off on his moped and swerves to avoid a car and ends up on the ground. Luckily, Hayden is passing and checks for concussion but Iain insists he is fine. Later, Iain rides off on a fancy new motorbike but when he crashes and is rushed to hospital but it looks like he isn’t going to make it.