When Karen hands Al a thank you card from a happy patient, he tells Howard he’s still committed to their new venture but he can’t give up being a doctor. Later, Howard catches Emma’s eye and looks around his office – maybe he is happy here after all?

Karl suffers from anxiety and tells Zara he has a daughter that he’s let down – his illness means he’s scared to go and see her. Zara leaves after telling him to read the leaflets she has brought him and, when he does, he’s spurred into action and heads to see his daughter.

Mrs Tembe launches her Happiness Project and decides to ignore the general lack of enthusiasm. As the day goes on, Mrs Tembe’s questions about happiness start to have an impact. Niamh wonders if she could do more in the way of aftercare and Zara is inspired to try again with a patient.

Also, Hayden tells Ayesha and Emma he wants to take part in Challenge Max too; what they need is a leader!