Al tells Niamh that he has a momentous decision to make, and she asks him whether it means he would lose control of the invention. He would, but he also says that he didn’t invent it for money, it’s for the benefit of mankind. Later, Al tells Howard about the offer he received yesterday and that it was just for Al. Howard looks crushed, but Al clicks a button and sends the invention out into the free world of the internet, for all to use.

After almost being caught taking drugs by Howard, Hayden is short with Ayesha. But soon after, he is back on top of the world, which Ayesha finds baffling.

Howard and Karen grill local journalist, Terry, when they realises that he has tricked a venerable man, Arthur, to get a good story for the paper. Karen suggests that Arthur needs to be more careful of who he hangs out with in future.