Will Alf escape from the woods?

Scarlett and Justin find Alf - but will they escape the woods before the mystery stranger finds them?

Scarlett and Justin frantically search for Alf; however, with time passing the pair decide to split up. Meanwhile, the stranger stands over a knocked-out Alf and takes his pocket knife. Scarlett spots the stranger in the distance and distracts him by throwing something. Justin manages to wake Alf up and he tells them both that he was knocked out by a stranger. As Alf tries to remember the details, he realises his pocket knife is gone and the three make a hasty exit.

Justin and Scarlett take Alf to hospital, where Roo’s glad to see her dad with nothing but cuts and bruises. Later, Roo tells Tori and Mason about the attack and the pair rush off to the hospital. Meanwhile, Brody is more concerned about Ziggy’s decision to cancel their plans to spend time together. Will Brody find out that Ziggy no longer wants to see him because of his drug addiction?

It looks like Brody has bigger problems than his love life, though, when he finds out that Zannis has been released from bail. Kat tells him to keep calm but Brody is paranoid and thinks Zannis is stalking him. With Brody on edge, Mason is keen to keep him calm, but Brody’s paranoia gets the better of him and causes a tragic accident…