Will Alfie force Roxy to leave Walford?

Alfie confronts Ronnie over her secret meetings with Roxy. A defiant Ronnie insists she and Roxy are sisters and won’t stop seeing each other. Infuriated, Alfie confides in a sympathetic Kat. When Roxy gets a text from Ronnie telling her Alfie ‘knows’, she panics. Finding Alfie in the bedroom packing, a sobbing Roxy begs Alfie not to dump her. Alfie agrees, but with a proviso – they have to leave the Square for a while to get things back on track.

Dexter and Sam receive a letter setting a date for the transplant operation in three weeks’ time. Playing it cool, Dexter has a wobble when confronted by a worried Ava. After throwing a birthday party for Jay, Dexter gets drunk and miserable. When he misinterprets Lola’s concern, he tries to kiss her and is humiliated by her rejection. Admitting he’s terrified, Dexter breaks down on Abi.

David makes the excuse of wanting to meet Scarlett to pay a visit to Janine. Although Scarlett is asleep, Janine lets in David when she sees he has a bottle of wine. When David talks about how much family means, Janine soon realises what he’s after. She agrees lend him £500, but wants it back with interest in a week.